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Posted Jun 24 2010 6:00am

Encouraging Dogs with Puzzles and Games at Mealtime Prevents Boredom, Frustration and Weight Problems!  Has the Solutions with Major Expansion of Dog Feeding Offerings for Every Dog, Including Those with Special Needs!

   Dog.comLogo , the premiere source for everything dog, is asking dog owners to look beyond the dog bowl.  Dogs should be encouraged to live a more active and energetic lifestyle that more closely mimics their canine ancestors, who spent their waking hours pursuing prey or scavenging in order to fill their stomachs.  One of the ways that this can be achieved is through the use of dynamic activities in relation to mealtime.

Similar to their human owners, pets suffer both physically and mentally when they are too idle and not challenged.  According to Dr. Marty Becker, the vet from “Good Morning America,” dogs today are  "born retired,’ and this out-of-the-wild lifestyle often means behavioral problems: excess barking, leash pulling or chewing furniture when they need mind and body stimulation they're no longer getting. Too often, these problems put their lives at risk, when fed up pet owners dump them at animal shelters, where they may not find new homes. And it's all so unnecessary, when you can give a dog a food puzzle to work off energy, work their brain, enrich their lives.”

While mealtime typically consists of owners filling their pets’ dog bowls with food, they should be offering them a range of activities that push their pets to earn their food, not just expect it, such as food puzzles. Alex Tabibi, CEO and Founder of ’s parent company, TABcom, explains, “‘food puzzles’ are toys designed to be filled with kibble, small treats, even frozen foods that encourage dogs to work to get to the goodies.  Instead of mindlessly wolfing down a bowl of food, the dog has to hunt to find the food and work for a long time to eat what would take a minute or less in a bowl.  Eating out of food puzzles and games takes memory, skill and manipulation, all of which help dogs find healthier, less-destructive ways to release pent-up energy.  offers various items that reinforce play with food including the Kong Biscuit Ball, Kong Extreme Goodie Bone, Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball, Natural Filled Bone and a host of others.”

Building upon this philosophy,  is also currently offering their largest assortment of dog food brands at competitive prices.  17 new brands have just been added to the site, which currently include Pedigree, Canine Caviar, The GoodLife Recipe, Bil-Jac and Kibbles ‘n Bits.  These brands come in a host of flavors including chicken, beef, duck, assorted and many others.    In July,  will add an additional 50 brands of foods, including a wide range of organics.


From life stage and pet size to special conditions,  makes sure to treat all dogs equally with its diverse assortment of items in a variety of forms and categories.  Their expansive category serves dogs with all needs.  The “special conditions” category offers a selection of dog food for a range of needs including allergy, hip & joint, sensitive stomach, urinary tract and many others.||416c6c65726779


In addition to being the leading e-commerce site for dog supplies,  is also a leading online community for dog lovers, so that consumers not only benefit from a thoughtful selection of products but also have resources for education and shared information, problem solving and tips that can help make the right choices and share experiences and preferences with others.  has everything from forums, blogs and articles to photos and how-to-videos that can be shared through the site community.  Discussions can range from keeping your dog active, diet concerns, weight control and other topics about nutrition and health.  has also just launched a new online Puppy catalog, with a unique section featuring all-new puppy supplies along with helpful information.  This section highlights tips such as keeping chew toys as an active part of a dog’s lifestyle and not succumbing to your dog’s every want or need as it relates to their diet.  The Puppy catalog also gives the latest tips from experts, as well as trends and ideas for keeping your dog healthy, active, safe and looking great while ensuring a neat home at the same time.


It has been said that food makes the  dog , and that is why it is important to keep dogs active, challenged and fed with the best dog food available.  provides an impressive supply of brands and diverse food categories for any pooch.  The price category allows visitors to the site to choose from a range of price options starting as low as $5 to $10, so feeding canine companions the best at an affordable price has never been more manageable, and starting June 4th  is offering free shipping on orders over $69 throughout the summer months, a real bonus when ordering bulky foods.  Tabibi says, “at  we want to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible for dog lovers to have a wide range of choices, and regardless of their budget be able to buy the best and taking the utmost care of their four legged friends.  At  we say, ‘Love is a healthy puppy!’” is the source for everything and anything dog. From dog equipment, including beds, crates, collars, toys and more, to dog supplies, such as dog food, treats, Greenies, first aid, and supplements, we have what you need, at the lowest prices, guaranteed!  In addition to our great products and great prices, we have an extensive community section, with the  Forumblogs , and an extensive  video library , which includes a wide variety of how-to videos! is your online destination for all Dog, as well as information.  is a subsidiary of TABcom, LLC, which was founded in 1969 and is the parent company to a wide variety of pet-related and novelty websites, including, ,  and . The sites provide a broad range of competitively priced pet and outdoor supplies, as well as partnerships with several national and local rescue and adoption facilities. Customers can sign up for  emails and receive exclusive email-only offers, advance notice about new products and other valuable, always updated information.  Check out our  Dog forum  - one of the largest on the internet and growing daily, a wealth of knowledge and conversation is available from around the world, around the clock!

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