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Dog Care: How to Care for Your Pit Bull’s Feet

Posted Jan 11 2011 11:58am

If you want to keep your Pit Bull terrier in top health, it is very important that you stay on top of things. Your dog’s diet, exercise, and mental stimulation are all vital aspects to having a healthy, happy Pit Bull Terrier. Grooming your dog is also something that is important as well. A well-groomed Pit Bull Terrier will be healthier in the long run and you’ll have less vet bills to boot. Signs of a well-groomed dog are shiny coat, clean ears and eyes, and healthy gums and teeth.

Some Pit Bull terrier owners overlook the importance of grooming their dog’s feet. A Pit Bull’s nails which are too long can be harmful to skin as well as other animals. They are often brutal on wood floors and can even hinder your dog’s movement and possibly harm him. Your dog’s paw pads can become very cracked, dry, and sore during dry weather or after walking in the winter snow.

Dogs walk on their toes as a horse does istead of the soles of their feet as humans do. Dogs have four paws as opposed to balls of feet and toes. It is important to always make sure that your Pit Bull Terriers feet are clear of dirt, mud, thorns, etc. as these can cause infection if left unattended over time.

Trim your Pit Bull’s nails regularly as well as the dewclaws, once a week is a good schedule to follow. Many dogs have dewclaws, which is a vestigial paw that is non-functional and serves no purpose. You’ll want to clip these on a regular basis whenever you clip the others.

Caring for your Pit Bull’s feet is something that is very important and should not be overlooked. Get into the habit of checking his feet and clipping his nails weekly and your dog will be all the healthier for it!

By Tim Amherst

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