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Dog behavior

Posted Nov 14 2012 10:01pm

The key to any successful relationship is communication. As a society, we have yet to perfect this volatile means of expression. In effect, it should not come as any surprise that an emotional and psychological barrier exists within the important relationship between a man and his pet.

With a limited vocabulary of brief verbal commands, most of the link to man’s best friend’s behavior is learned from emotional cues. The topic of dog behavior is one that fills the pages of an endless assortment of books and guides and taught in a number of dog training classes.

Dog behavior is as complex as its human counterpart, which as we all know is quite complicating and at times very frustrating.

Most dog behavior problems stem back to the critical element, or lack thereof, of communication, and are in essence a result of miscommunication on the part of both dog and owner.

Dog behavior problems often take unexpected and mistaken forms. One can tell a lot about a dog’s needs and personality by the behaviors and tendencies they exude, but it is often confusing since the reason a dog is misbehaving often does not match the behavior displayed.

For example, I have a Pekingese that likes to chew on my favorite pair of shoes and I’m pretty sure she does not necessarily like the taste, but instead the attention or she might be feeling lonely or frustrated.

Aggressive dog behavior is a common problem among pet owners, and does not always have a quick fix depending on the force that is driving it. Some dogs have aggressive personalities, while other dogs display the behavior as a sign of insecurity or simply “rough” play.

Understanding a dog’s behavior can be as rewarding and equally frustrating as trying to understand the behavior of a child or spouse. But with the right tools, training, time, and empathy the ability to effectively communicate with man’s best friend and understand a dog’s behavior will ensure a fulfilling relationship for years to come.

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