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Dog Behavior and Socialization: How it is affected by vaccines

Posted Dec 31 2010 5:37pm

I know it’s New Year’s Eve – woo hoo I’m going to be dancing and swinging tonight at my annual party with my humans. I had my raindrop today and have been resting, and ate a good meal so I’m ready to get my party on WOOF! But I just had to share this latest article from Dr. Jordan with you. Save it and read it in depth, even if you don’t read it today.

by Dr. Patricia Jordan
My experience of being a practicing veterinarian for over 25 years is matched by others, ex, Dr. Stephen Blake (37 years) and Dr. Richard Pitcairn (40 years) of watching vaccines result in disease in the animals, including behavioral changes.

California at Davis recently finished studies proving the development of anger, aggression, and anxiety in both animals and humans following vaccinations. This would not be surprising as the mercury in vaccines (yes it is still in there) and aluminum are both neurotoxins and in combination synergetic. Also the viruses, both intentional and contaminants, are known to affect neural tissues, aluminum opens the blood brain barrier, allows mercury, aluminum and viruses into the brain and the ensuing inflammation that develops is well, encephalitis! READ MORE HERE

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!
To learn more about vaccines visit our Vaccine Information Page on our website

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