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Do you believe this could be cushings disease or chronic kidney problems?

Posted by boping

My dog just had a blood work up and urine test because she has been on a dry food(chicken Iams, 3 cups a day with 2 cups green beans)and green bean diet for 3 months and lost 2 pounds. The blood work showed .9 for the thyroid. and in the urine was  lot of water and some protein. So we sorta have a little of both symptoms between cushings disease and kidney failure. The blood work on the kidney was fine.  We want to do a cushings test which takes all day, to know definately if it is cushings. And then go from there, could it be the green beans that brought the water on and protein.?
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my vet wants to did the bloodwork also because bogey drinks a lot of water. Is very overweight and not able to lose any as of yet. We were looking for an answer to why she can't lose weight, and the over excessive of water drinking. She is still able to hold her pee though all day while we are at work. This is when we found the problems in her urine.

Your questions leave many doors still open.  If your veterinarian has suggested testing for Cushing's, there must have been some other things going on.  You should have a more detailed discussion with your veterinarian about the reasons for pursuing this angle.

As for the green beans contributing to anything of concern, that's not very likely.

Helpful Buckeye


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