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Divorce can cause pets to develop obsessive compulsive disorders

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:15am

The UK's leading veterinary charity, The Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), maintains that divorce can be stressful on the owners' pets. Sean Wensley, senior vet at PDSA, says:

Dogs that are stressed can show signs of compulsive disorder. This may include chasing their own tail or excessive licking of one or more limbs. As a result of such licking, the area can become raw and itchy, which in turn leads to further licking or chewing.

Cats can be prone to 'wool sucking' which, as the term suggests, involves sucking or chewing on woollen items such as blankets.

Wensley also makes the point that dogs and cats aren't the only species affected:

Parrots, for example, sometimes pull out their own feathers after losing a mate or experiencing some other type of trauma.

Since not pursuing divorce for the sake of the pets isn't usually an option, the PDSA recommends seeking compassionate ways to help pets through these trying times. Minimize disruptions in routine as much as possible.

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