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Did my dog sprain her front leg?

Posted by diane h.

My dog is very active and she is 10yrs old shep mix and 55 pds.She hurt her front leg yesterday and is limbing.I massaged up her leg to see if it hurt but nothing except when i pulled a bit she kind of pulled back.Is it a sprain?I started putting heating pad on it.She is walking on it a bit though so I know its not broken.Any suggestions?
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There are several things to consider when thinking about your question.  If your dog's painful leg is truly the result of some type of trauma, these considerations would be a problem with any of the pads on the bottom of her paw, a muscle strain or bruise, a sprained ligament, a joint problem, or involvement of one or more of the bones of that leg.  There could actually be a combination of any of these 5 items going on as well.

Just so that you are aware of other possibilities, this could also involve something other than trauma as the cause.  Bone cancers in larger dogs and certain metabolic bone diseases can lead to unexpected lameness in dogs. 

If the lameness persists longer than 1-2 days, you should have her examined by your veterinarian.

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