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did my dog die from internal bleeding?

Posted by juliemia

my 1 month old puppy had diarrhea on saturday. on sunday it was watery with blood. apart from that she was fine and was eating and running about. i took her to the vet though coz iwas a bit worried. he put  her on iv fluids and kept her in overnight. the next day he phoned me to tell me she had died. he said it wasnt parvovirus. and that she was bleeding internally. she had no accidents. i did catch her nibbling on something though, may have been a stone or an old bone. i just cant believe she would be bleeding internally and have no other symptoms than bloody diarrhea. she was dewormed. also she was from a shelter and hadnt breast fed from her mum. im going crazy can any one help me understand. what are the symptoms of internal bleeding? is there another virus apart from parvo that can cause this?


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