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Diarrhea Problem

Posted Nov 11 2008 4:35am

question :

Hi, my puppy bianca ate just a piece of crab’s shell accidentally a week
ago.Two days ago she suffered from diarrhea and starting to get weaker,we let

her ate some guava leaves for her diarrhea.early this morning her feces were
already dry but still she’s weak what’s good on her was that she still
craves to eat and keeps on drinking water but still she’s very weak.Im

afraid it might get worst.There’s also some rashes on her skin but i guess
we’ve managed to treat it with some herbal medicines that’s made of
lacto bacillus(it’s actually liqiud form,we just dropped a bit on her skin)

so it became dry.We still let her take her vitamins too…hope u could hepl us
save our baby…thank you soo much.below is her picture when she
was already
sick.hope it could help u give me some tips and advices


answer :


Puppies are prone to suffer from parasite infestations such as fleas, mange and worms.

The symptoms that you describe are compatible with a heavy parasitic load:
- Skin rashes that could be due to fleas or mange
- Diarrhoea and ravenous appetite for the worms

From the picture, it looks like Bianca is pot-belied which is a common sign of a worm infestation.

I believe that the crab shell incident could be purely anecdotal.

My advice is to get your pup to a vet asap and get her treated for fleas and worms. Should you wish to avoid the cost of a consultation, you may purchase “non-licenced” products from a pet store. Be aware that those may not work so well and some could even prove toxic.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes, Julien

PS: stop applying live yogourt (lactobacillus) on Bianca’s sores !


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