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diagnosis, cause and treatment for facial paralysis, lower lip drawn downwards, and drooling

Posted by suzarella

My 9 yr. old border collie, Chelsey,  got facial paralysis back Memorial day weekend for the 1st time.  It happened after there was a loud cracking sound and thunder from a storm, that really scared her, as she is always afraid of lightning and thunder.  We noticed that she wet her bed, never did this before, and  she was so scared, then woke up with her eye slightly drawn, her ear didn't seem to move, and her lower lip was hanging, and she was drooling.  It got worse each day, and we took her to the vet.  He put her on predizone.  It worked like magic.  But then in Aug., it started again, same thing, and we think it started after a storm again that day, while we were at work.  The vet put her on predizone again, and it worked like magic again.  Then , day by day, her lower lip started hanging again, til she was drooling again, shortly after we finished the predizone.  She has started the predizone again, a 1 month supply, and the vet says that we need to do neurological tests on her if it happens again, after this supply of predizone is done.  What is your opinion?

Thankyou, Susie Bowser

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What you have described does suggest some type of disorder affecting the function of the facial cranial nerve.  Many of these same symptoms are seen in people with Bell's Palsy.

The facial nerve has thousands of branches and which of these branches are involved will determine where the malfunction is seen.  If the damage is where the nerve exits the skull, the whole facial nerve network will be affected.  

If there has been an inflammatory response that has caused swelling along the nerve, the prednisone would reduce the swelling and the results would seem like "magic".  However, if the original problem was an infection, a cerebro-vascular accident (stroke), or a growing mass (tumor), the signs would most likely keep recurring.

Yes, I agree that a neurological exam, done by a specialist, would be appropriate at this point.  The expense of that would be very justified because it should give you a better idea if this is or is not a correctable problem.

Helpful Buckeye

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