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Deworming treatment For Boston Terrier

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:55pm

Question :

My 1 year old Boston Terrier, cannot keep solid food down. He acts and looks
fine, eats like he is starving, then within 3 or 4 hours is throwing it all back
up. He can keep rice down. I wonder if it is some kind of parisite ? we are low
on money right now, so I’m trying to find suggestions as to what it could be
and how i can help him. Or does he need to go get checked out? His coat is
nice and shiny, he still romps and plays, feels fine other than not being able
to keep food down. Any ideas? Thank you very



I’d suggest you first to give your dog deworming treatment, usualy as a tablets (Consult your vet).
Then notice what kind of food you give to your dog. It is better if you feed him with comercial granulated food. If you already give this kind of food, then notice if you’ve made the real choise of food (age, breed). In the beggining you should ask for, so called, medical food, especially for digestive problems. After a few days you should continue with proper food for your dog ( age, breed etc.).
If this doesn’t help you in 3 days your dog must get some treatment against diarrhoea (consult your vet again).

Warm wishes



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