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Cushings Disease in 9.75yr old pug, if vetoryl 30mg is treating med, with white liver, what does prognosis look like?

Posted by Jmariedale

Chichi will be 10 yrs old 4th of July, lost her eyesight Thanksgiving '08, never came out of her "funk", doesn't remember the house so constantly find her in a corner somewhere. Vet did a bunch of blood work as well as an ultra sound, determined that Vetoryl 30mg best way to go. My QUESTION is, with an almost non-functioning liver and the fact she only has one kidney, won't the "caustic" meds make her sicker? Would she just simply be better off w/o taking the meds and just keep her comfortable when it gets bad enough to matter? I've heard of some real creepy side effects from this medication. Thanks..............j
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This is the time at which you need to consider what's best for you and your dog, make any decisions accordingly, and communicate those to your veterinarian. Although some veterinarians have the experience and communication skills to raise the issue of just keeping animals with multiple serious problems comfortable rather than adding more drugs and other treatments with all their side-effects just to postpone the inevitable, others do not. Or they may have this ability, but wait for the owner to raise the issue first lest the owner think they want to give up because there are also those people who will do anything to keep their animals alive.

You know your dog and yourself better than anyone else. Given your concerns, I suggest you make an appointment with your veterinarian specifically to discuss what lies ahead. At that time you can make clear your wishes regarding the kind of care you want her to have.  If it's a multiple vet practice, I'd ask that this be put in her record.

If for some reason your veterinarian takes offense at this and tries to force you to do things his/her way, then I suggest you find another practitioner. This is no time for either your dog or you to be trying to cope with anything less than full support from your veterinarian. However, given how much more interest there is in hospice and palliative care for animals, it's quite possible that your vet will be quite supportive and is just waiting for a cue from you that this is a valid topic for discussion.


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