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Cushing’s treatment

Posted Nov 27 2008 10:16am

question :

My 10.75 yr old Aussie Terrier has Cushings and I am treating her with 30mg
Trilostane bid. she also gets a low fat Bison or Fish organic diet, homemade.
with 200mg Sam-e sid. What else can I do to help with the hair loss, water

consumption, urine accidents and muscle wasting. have been treating since Sept
She is fine otherwise.

Answer :


Cushing’s treatment is with Vetoryl. The adequate dose is determined with ongoing blood testing. Typically, a 3 monthly ACTH stimulation test is appropriate. Usually, dogs less than 10kg will get 30mg daily, and over will get 60mg daily.

The SAM (zentonil and others) are used to support the liver. Liver disease secondary to the Cushing’s disease is the usual trigger for the increased drinking and secondary urinary incontinence. Veterinary diets such as Hill’s LD mayb also be used.

Once the treatment is established and the dose adjusted, it may take a few weeks to notice a significant improvement and usually a few month for the fur to grow back fully.

I recommend the following:
1. Monitor the treatment with an ACTH stimulaton test
2. Get your pet tested (Blood and urine) for other disorders triggering increased drinking suc as kidney failure or Diabetes (note that Diabetes is frequently associated to Cushing’s)
3. If the 2 above are negative, then wait another 4 weeks: if the symptoms are still present, consider blood/urine testing again.

Best of luck, Julien

PS: You may register your pet on and discuss this with other pet owners in your situation.



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