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Concerned About my Dog, Please help

Posted May 06 2009 12:01pm

Title: Concerned About my Dog, Please help!!!

pet’s breed: English Bulldog

pet’s age: 11 Months
pet’s sex: Male
previous treatment:

Has all his shots. Has never had any serious issues, witht he exception of
weight, but I am working on that. I recently purchased some tear stain remover

substance to add to his diet to help him with his tear stains.


My English Bulldog has swollen eyes (one more than the other) also the area
around his eyes seen to be very tender, almost raw. I have cleaned them with

Hydrogen Peroxide, and thought it would fade away, but it is idle. Now it
he has a mild fever and he wants to sleep all day (which isnt different from his
natural routine) Is the anything I can do? I dont have the funds on hand to get
him to a vet, and petsmart has a bandfield hospital, but they’re pet

wellness days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, I really dont want to have to wait
until then to act on his condition. I have ceased from dispensing him any more
of that tear stain remover in hopes that his condition will improve. Please




Firstly, you should NEVER apply any hydrogen peroxyde near an eye. I am not surprised your poor dog is sore!! Even if you cannot go to the vet, I am sure you can give them a call to avoid harmfull self medicating.

Secondly, you need to attend a veterinary consultation as soon as you can. I might be wrong but your description could be of a “cherry eye” which is a very common condition in young bull dogs. If you search the internet for that condition, you will find many pictures to help you decide whether it can be it or not.

If your dog suffers from a cherry eye, I am afraid he need an operation to replace the nictating gland (that is the swollen, fleshy bit) into its socket. This is best performed by an eye specialist and invariably cost several hundreds of pounds.

Bulldogs are not the healthiest of dog breeds and you need to expect regular (and expensive) vet visits. I understand that your finances are limited, so I strongly recommend you get your dog insured so that your dog gets adequate medical care.

Best regards,



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