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Common Training Mistakes That Lead To Cat Behavior Problems

Posted Feb 20 2012 12:40am

In this article, you’ll learn the 5 most common mistakes cat owners are making that are killing their relationships with their cats. Most cat owners have no clue they are committing these “cat crimes” and as a result, end up with cats that develop health and behavior problems.
If you read through each mistake carefully, and take action to ensure you’re not making them with your cat (or correct them if you are), then you’ll enjoy a happy and rewarding relationship with your cat, filled with cuddles and purrs.

On the other hand, if you choose to ignore these practices or decide that they’re “not important”, you may experience some unwanted cat behavior problems including urinating in your home, acting aggressive or health issues
Mistake #5: Litter Box Mistakes
Cats are extremely choosy when it comes to their litter box. Not only do they care about the size, they also need the right type of litter. If her litter box needs aren’t met, she will decide not to pee and poop in the box and leave you “presents” all over your house.
Mistake #4: Not Spaying or Neutering your Cat
Cat owners should spay or neuter their cats for the health and behavioral reasons as well as to curb cat overpopulation problems.
Neutering is a simple process with a quick recovery period. Besides preventing unwanted pregnancies, neutering your male cat also lessens behavior problems and prevents medical complications.
Mistake #3: Bad Playing Habits
Cats are natural predators so they enjoy certain behaviors that are intolerable for you.
For example, cats love biting and scratching things, even their dear owners!
It’s important to let your cat know that this type of behavior is completely unacceptable. If your cat bits or scratches you, you need to scream a powerful “Ouch!” and walk away. Do not continue to play with your cat. Because cats love playing, ignoring her prevents her from behaving like that in the future.
It’s also important that you don’t anything that encourages your cat to bite or scratch you. For example, many cat owners wiggle their fingers because it’s a convenient way to play with their cat. However, this sends the message that biting you is acceptable. Next time she’s trying to get attention (eg. if she wants to play or wants to be left alone), she may resort to biting.
Mistake #2: Not Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth
Dental disease is one of the major reasons why cats have to visit the vet. It’s also one of the most costly.
The bad news is, dental disease isn’t just confined to the mouth. It can lead to a swarm of other health problems for your cat. The best way to combat this is to brush your cat’s teeth on a regular basis.
There’s a certain way to brush your cat’s teeth to make it not a chore for you or your cat. To make brushing your cat’s teeth fun and enjoyable, you need to take things slow at the beginning and give her lots of praise.
Mistake #1: Declawing
Declawing is extremely inhumane since it’s basically animal mutilation.
In many European countries, declawing is completely outlawed. I am shocked that this practice is still considered a viable surgical procedure by many veterinarians in the US and Canada.
Luckily there are a number of humane alternatives to declawing.
These include…
• Trimming your cat’s nails when she is sleepy and quiet.
• Buying or building your own scratching post
• Soft Claws, which are nail caps for your cat’s claws that protect your home from destructive scratching
Follow these guidelines and you’ll have a healthy, cuddly and obedient cat that adores you.

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