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Christmas Gift Idea for Pet Owners: SpotBot Pet

Posted Dec 16 2010 6:45pm

Okay, I know I know it’s embarrassing for me to admit this here but my humans have had to shampoo rugs bepaws of moi. I tried to hide my bathroom emergency in the farthest room in the house – the spare bedroom. But still what’s a dog to do if their humans won’t wake up when an ailing dog needs to potty and QUICK? The next best thing of course!

Also I have quite the drool factor involved bepaws of my jowls and my humans often say my slobber is like glue. You all already know I’ve been plagued with a couple of health challenges that have lead me to having these body fluid/waste problems in the house. Not consistently as my humans can tell you that in all my 11 years with them I’ve only had maybe four or five accidents. But I am aging and having some issues so they are REALLY glad they were asked to try out this new SpotBot Pet by Bissell !

My Dad just tried it out today on the living room rug and it came clean with not much labor on his part. To quote Dad, “This little machine is EXCELLENT!” Bepaws he could just turn it on and let it get to cleaning the spot while he did other things. It turns itself off too! AND it has an attachment so you can get under furniture if it can’t be moved, AND on the furniture itself. What a deal huh?

And it comes with the products to use IN the machine that are, according to the packaging, biodegradable and organic. We prefer to use the Thieves Household Cleaner by Young Living because we know and trust this product.

SpotBot Pet is lightweight, easy to use and VERY effective! At least my humans are glad they got to get one for review and have been VERY pleased with the outcome of this particular product and it keeps me out of the doghouse, WOOF!

My humans are VERY forgiving and now that they have the SpotBot Pet they’ll be even less inclined to react with a “Oh no not the carpet again!” bepaws they have an instant solution – either that or they ought to just wake up and let me out when I need to go!

Again I’m not one to make messes, never have been but it sure comes in handy having the SpotBot Pet to clean up slobber off of furniture and the once in a while accident that can occur as this aging dog gets through a bit of a healing crisis , WOOF!

Thanks SpotBot Pet for making my humans easier to live with hehe. It’s in stores now and I know it’s still not too late to get one for the pet lovers in your life as a gift for the holidays, WOOF!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

PS I was paid in dehydrated lung treats for this post and my humans were paid with a free SpotBot Pet :-)

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