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Choosing pet purifiers

Posted Jul 01 2012 10:01pm

Around the world, millions of people share their home with pets as a way to bring joy and companionship to their lives. This desire to experience the feelings a pet can give you is so strong that you will often find owners going through great hardship to maintain this bond. Whether it is an expensive surgery or medicine, a hefty deposit on an apartment, or suffering through horrible allergies, many pet owners sacrifice a lot when it comes to providing a home for their beloved animal.

Of particular interest to me is the idea that those who are allergic to the proteins found in dog and cat dander, urine and saliva are willing to live through extreme discomfort due to their emotional attachment to their pet. Millions of households in the US (and worldwide) have a dog or a cat and of those households, many millions of dwellers suffery from allergies to their pets. Many do not pursue the options available to them for dealing with and minimizing their allergy symptoms and thus lead unnecessarily uncomfortable lives.

While the obvious choice would be to choose a pet that is known to be hypo-allergenic, many pet owners do not realize that they are allergic until they have become attached to an allergen producing animal. Washing your dog or cat regularly can help to exfoliate dander and hair as well as remove built up saliva on the skin and hair which triggers an allergic response. There are also sprays which can be used to help break down the allergen inducing proteins.

Cleaning the home is an important final step that is easier said than done. Because pet allergens are constantly released in the home, it is hard to stay on top of them and really make a difference in their concentrations in the home. Using a high quality HEPA vacuum to take care of flooring and furniture is a great start. A final investment that can make all the difference is acquiring a quality HEPA air purifier. Choosing pet purifiers that feature true HEPA filters can help to trap and remove a significant amount of dander from the air in your home which can equate to noticible reductions in unwanted allergy symptoms.

By combining some or all of the above strategies, it is possible to make a big difference in the quality of life for those suffering from pet allergies. Of course this will require not only consistent effort, but an intitial monetary investment. In my opinion, the saving you may experience from not having to take medication daily would more than pay off the time ane monetary investment involved in addressing your pet allergies this way.

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