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Chihuahua hit his mouth on a table tray

Posted by kgant3


 My roommates dog hit the side of his mouth on a table tray. His right lip was swollen on Sunday night (after it happened). A few hours later the swelling had gone down and he was playing and eating normally. Monday morning his lip was swollen again, and it went down Monday night. It keeps doing that same pattern every day. Is it like he has a fat lip? Even when his mouth is not swollen he will not let us look in his mouth to find out if he cracked a tooth or anything. What would be wrong with it?

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Since the dog won't let you look in his mouth, you don't have much choice but to have him examined by a veterinarian.  There could be a problem with a tooth, soft tissue damage to the cheek or lip, and possibly a foreign body could be involved.

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