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Cat With dental disease Problem

Posted Jan 14 2009 5:10pm

Question :

I have a male cat named Java. I know he’s part Siamese but not full. I
know he’s at least 3 years old. He has been getting skinny, doesn’t eat

( we tried giving him soft food and even milk, but doesn’t eat it), He
drinks a little bit of water here and there. We took him to the vet a month and
a half ago and they removed some of his teeth and gave him some pink,

amoxi-drops to take. He seemed to get a tiny bit better, but now he has gotten
worse. What can we do? The Vet didn’t seem to help him much and we
can’t afford to keep sending him to the vet when they can’t correct the

problem. Can you help?



Not eating much is not a very specific symptom but let’s try …

I note that your vet performed dental work and prescribed some antibiotics. While this was not helpful, I imagine your vet would not have done so unless he had some evidence of dental disease. To justify the several dental extraction that you mentioned, it must have been quite severe indeed. While dental disease is common in elderly pets, it is not frequent in young cats such as your 3 years old Siamese.

Therefore, it is possible the dental disease which your vet treated was a secondary issue and not the primary problem. Gum infections are frequently associated with other systemic disorders such as kidney disease and viral infections (Feline Aids and Leukemia, Calicivirus). It might be a good idea to look into these.

My recommendation is to get Java examined again and have some basic investigation done. My priority would probably be to get some blood and urine tests.

If you lost trust in your current vet, then you may decide to seek attention to a different one. Ask around for one with a good reputation.

Best wishes,



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