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Cat's Ears

Posted by tillks86


Need to know if it is possible that my cat may ave ear mites? He is scratching his ears and they have black stuff in them. I have cleaned them out and it is not helping. So I need to know if I need to get some ear mite medican or what?

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If you're cat in an in- and outdoor cat and has been exposed to other animals with ear mites, then it's possible for him to have them. Two common signs are scratching at the ears and dark, somewhat dry debris. If that's what you're seeing then you could try treating his ears with a natural or prescription mite medication. If you don't get a response after following the instructions to the letter--it can take time to get rid of mites--then have your cat checked by your veterinarian. There are some ear infections, such as those caused by certain yeast organisms, that also produce a dark discharge.

I agree with Dr. Myrna here. You may also want to consider a different diet for your cat, one that will build his immune system naturally and be able to fend off these sort of pests naturally. Cats are obligate carnivores so considering a raw diet will help him a lot.

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Ther are also natural ear remedies that can help

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