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Cape makes dogs brave

Posted by Kristen D.

I¹m excited that there¹s now a pet health community on this site. And I¹m just as excited to share an article about a product for dogs that helps calm them during thunderstorms. When I read what the fabric cape, known as the "Storm Defender" claimed to do, I was skeptical. But, according to the article, it actually can work for some dogs.

The red cape that can be tied loosely around a dog¹s neck is lined with metallic fabric. The makers of the Storm Defender claim that the cape disperses the static electricity that builds up before a storm, helping calm a dog without the use of drugs. Click on this link: to read the article.

Now, if only there were doggie earplugs to help my cocker spaniel, who is very afraid of fireworks. Any suggestions you can share would be greatly appreciated!

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The cape might work, my husband's min pin insists on sleeping on my head thru thunderstorms. Fireworks too for that matters
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