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Canine Orthopedic Specialist in St. Louis?

Posted by vanessa

Recently, my vet diagnosed my 9 month old Olde English Bulldogge with hip dyplasia in both hips.  Before spaying her, as I'd hoped to breed her, I want to get another opinion.  Also, assuming she does have dyplasia, I want to find a canine orthopedic specialist in the St. Louis area to explore options for mitigating the effects of dysplasia and avoiding arthritis.  I know that hip replacement is an option, but some of the articles I've read indicate that, especially in young puppies, there may be other treatments that can be done to prevent the onset of arthritis.  Anyone know a veterinary orthopedic specialist in the St. Louis area?
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Hi Vanessa,

I don't know of a specialist in your area but have you considered looking into alternatives to help your dog be well naturally? She's young and definitely a diet change to a species appropriate raw diet would greatly benefit her, not to mention other natural modalities to support her. Why is she being spayed? Dogs need to fully mature before they are spayed as spaying her too young will only exacerbate her problems. The growth plates need to close first. Since she is a large breed dog it takes longer for them to mature and for those growth plates to close.

I would encourage you to consider a raw diet, and alternatives first. Surgery should be a last resort.

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You are wise to not breed her with her having Dysplasia!  Just as Dr Kim said though, I would wait to have her spayed as well.  She is still growing and needs those hormones to much, especially if she has dysplasia. 

There are quite a few things you can do prevent arthritis, especially naturally.   You may want to consult with a holistic veterinarian or veterinary naturopath to explore your options and the best way to go... 

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