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Canine acne pictures

Posted Oct 22 2011 4:51am

canine acne pictures

As human beings we experience skin issues such as acne at least once in our lives, however what most don’t understand is that we aren’t really the only ones who need attention on the subject of frustrating acne. Surprisingly, our own dogs also have the propensity to develop what is popularly known as canine acne, a skin problem caused by the blockage of hair follicles due to substances like keratin and sebum which are plugging debris within the pores.

Canine acne is a benign self-limiting disease of the chin and lips of young dogs. Short-coated dogs, such as boxers, bulldogs and rottweilers, are in increased risk for acne. The condition starts at age of puberty around 5 to 8 months of age. Most dogs improve with age and the condition typically resolves after 12 months of age.

The actual pathogenesis has not been established. Genetics, hormones and trauma have been hypothesized to play a role.

This sort of skin problem is typical among certain breeds, particularly for 5 to 8 month-old English bulldogs, Boxers, Great Danes, Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers.

So how can you tell if your dog has acne? Dogs which have this type of skin problem produce multiply blackheads or comedones in areas such as the muzzle, lips, and chin. If not treated, canine acne can be cultivated swellings, scabs, and more blackheads, which usually normally do not affect the dog unless these develop into a secondary skin infection that may cause itchiness, itching, as well as pain. If you think your dog’s lips or chin have blackheads and swellings that might develop into a chronic type of skin disease, the best option is to take him or her to the local vet for treatment.

canine acne pictures

canine acne pictures

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