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Canine “Prevention” Medications Poisoning the Environment

Posted May 02 2011 4:11pm

Not only do these “medications” poison the environment but also our dogs! I’m not sure how they can be called preventive medicine when they do not prevent anything and are nothing more than pesticides that not only kill the targeted pests but also and ultimately cause harm to our dogs. Most people are unaware of this and use these products thinking they will keep their dogs safe.

When I say these products do not prevent anything I really mean that – they are a pesticide coursing through the body of your dog’s blood that kills the larvae of the mosquito AFTER it has already bitten and infected your dog.

Here are some of the studies proving how toxic these pest control labeled “prevention medications” really are:

I wrote a long blog post today on Shadrach’s other blog, A Dog’s View , pointing out how he used to react when I used to use this awful, toxic junk on him and how ultimately (albeit slowly) I learned to use the whole health, natural approach on him:

Even though Shadrach has been gone nearly a month now, he is still teaching others about the appropriate, whole health, natural care to others that dogs NEED to thrive…yes he is teaching it through me, and it is my hope that other dogs will benefit as a result of all he taught me.

If you want to learn a natural approach to parasites, pests, and other nasty pests such as heartworm have a listen to this audio on Animal Talk Naturally:

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day!

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