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Can uveitis in a cat be caused by cat flu?

Posted by jam

My cats recently became sick, one after the other, with a "cat flu" which the veterinarian said was  caused by the herpes virus. They were given clavamox to treat and prevent secondary infection, as well as a lysine supplement for the herpes. Now they are all mostly better. However, one of my cats' third eyelids on both eyes began to show less than a week after treatment started, and over the past few days i discovered that the edges of his eyes are reddish with inflamed, tiny blood vessels. I am very worried and will bring him to the veterinarian for the earliest appointment i can get. Can this condition, which i think is uveitis, be caused by the ocular form of the herpes infection? He also had some small amounts of discharge from eyes.
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Yes, it could be caused by the herpes virus. I agree that you should get your cat rechecked by your veterinarian asap.
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