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can my pug live with an enlarged heart?

Posted by Pugmamma

Last night I was at the vets with my 11 month of pug and they said she had an enlarged heart (only slightly), but that there was no fluid in her lungs, it wasnt affecting her liver or kidney, her gums were pink, and everything else was fine.  The vet bill for the xrays and medicine( for her bowels.. she had a parasite) came to $400 and to look into her heart issue an ultrasound would cost upwards of $750. I could barely pay for her visit that day let alone book and pay for an ultrasound..

What do I do? She's not even a year old, I love her to bits, the breeder said tehre was a 2 year health guarantee and here I am paying a thousand dollars to see if her heart is going to kill her.

:S My baby!

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