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Can I give my dog baby asprin for her leg sprain?

Posted by Darlene R. Facebook

She's medium size 40 lbs. Likes to chase squirrels in the yard. She is limping, but is putting pressure on her front right leg. I've lightly squeezed her lower leg joint and pad area. I'm fairly sure it's a sprain, or she would have pulled away. She's even half running if we take her out now. I just would like to releive her discomfort.

Thank you!!

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Sorry to hear your pup is hurt. I would advise against giving a dog of any size aspirin unless a vet says it's ok. Aspirin is deadly to cats, and in high doses can be fatal for dogs as well. I would definitely contact your vet first. My dog started limping last night and I put a heating pad on her leg while she was resting, on the low setting, and it seemed to help. Hope your pooch feels better soon :)
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