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can humans get pemphigus foliaceus from dogs

Posted by animallover

My friends dog has pemphigus foliceus. I know humans can get that disease as well...can she get it from her dog?

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To expand a bit, auto-immune diseases result when an animal's or human's immune response perceive something normal in the body as foreign and try to destroy it. It's not caused by a bacteria or virus, although secondary infections can occur as the organ under attack breaks down.  In the case of  pemphigus, the over-reactive immune response produces antibodies that attack the "cement" that holds the cells together and causes them to separate.

pemphigus foliaceous is an immune-mediated disease involving the skin.  It is highly unlikely your friend would get this from her dog.
Pemphigus foliaceous is an auto-immune disease...  and is a bit different in dogs then in humans
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