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can humans contract a virus from canines?

Posted by jvwennen

My husband and I both of whom are rarely ill have been sick with larengitis and sinus infections every since we picked up our dog from the kennel 2 weeks ago.  Our dog came back with mucus draining from the eyes but no other symptoms.

 Could we have contracted a virus from our dog?


Thank you.

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I doubt it's related to your dog for multiple reasons. A big one is that the timing doesn't sound right. It sounds like you and your husband both became ill right after you picked your dog up. Most infections passed from one individual to another take longer to develop, often as much as 7-10 days. My guess is that you were exposed to the virus or bacteria when you were gone/your dog was kenneled and the symptoms didn't develop until after you retured/picked  the dog up.


I hope you and your husband are feeling better soon.

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