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Can humans catch Kennel Cough?

Posted by molien

our dog has Kennel Cough and my mother in law has been really sick the last couple days. So Can humans catch Kennel Cough, and how do you get rid of it?
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No, humans are not susceptible to the Kennel Cough disorder seen in dogs.  It is a disease caused by a combination of a bacteria and a virus, usually not life-threatening for a dog.  You probably shouldn't blame your dog for your mother-in-law's problem.

Helpful Buckeye

Yes, Kennel Cough," IS CONTAGIOUS TO HUMANS! Especially those with immune system issue's or, "low immune systems." It is spread through direct contact with the infected surface, airborne, (your dog coughing and sneezing,) and can continue to be spread as long as 14-20 days from the animal that is shedding the virus. An animal with this disease should be kept somewhat quarantined until the transmission period is over. The best thing to do is take the animal to the vet and the suspect person to see a doctor. Hope this helps!
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