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can a tick ever completely bury itself under a dog's skin?

Posted by Laura567

My dog appears to have been biten by a tick.  I never saw the tick (it's in a place he can both scratch and lick).  There is a whole that is open and I can see something pulsing - can't tell if it's just puse or a tick?  There is a lump under the skin, and it covered over with blood last night.  But when I use a tweezer and lift the blood, the whole and the pulsing are still there?  Should I take him to the vet immediately?
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A tick can only "bury" its head parts under a dog's skin.  The rest of the tick's body will be visible whether engorged or not.  Where on your dog's body is this hole located?  If it's along the back or top of the neck, it's quite possible that you are looking at a "warble," which is the larva of a biting fly that has grown under the skin.  Sometimes, you can see the larva moving through the hole in the skin and it can be fairly disgusting to see.

Your veterinarian can help decide if this is the situation and, if so, how to properly remove this larva from your dog's skin.

Helpful Buckeye

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