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Can a soft pink lump in a dogs mouth be caused by allergies to food?

Posted by jayme

I have a 7 1/2 yr old bermese x. Two days ago I found a soft pink lump on the roof of her mouth on her upper palate beside her back molars towards her throat. It does not appear to be bothering her and she is eating, drinking etc all fine.  I had her to the vet 3 weeks ago because she was scratching, licking her paws and had hot spots.  She had blood tests at that time and nothing showed except I was told she most likely had allergies and to do a process of elimination to determine what she might be allergic too - starting with food. I changed her diet and her scratching stopped, her hair all grew back and she has a lot more energy now. But now I am wondering if this lump can be symptom of an allergy -maybe to the new food or if it is something more serious. 
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