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can a female dogs bladder fall like a womans bladder does sometimes

Posted by vickie

I have a female dog that has lost bladder control for a while now . She is in depends and we clean her regularly . while cleaning her we noticed what looks like the bladder protruding . Can a dogs bladder fall  like on a human female ?
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Due to the difference in human posture versus that of the dog, erect and vertical vs. horizontal, your comparison of a "falling" urinary bladder in the dog is very unlikely to occur.  It's not impossible, but very unlikely.

There are several unanswered questions about your situation.  The age of your dog, has she been spayed, how long has this urinary incontinence been going on, have you had her examined by your veterinarain....

I write a weekly blog, Questions On Dogs and Cats, and a recent issue featured "Urinary Incontinence" at:

Depending on your answers to my questions, more information might follow.

Helpful Buckeye

Hi and thanks, yes she has had an exam by a vet about a year ago . I was just courious about the bladder. She is 16 1/2 years old and has been spayed .  Vickie


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