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can a chi dog without an obvious testicular sac impregnate a female chi dog

Posted by Susan

I have an applehead chi dog that doesnt seem to have a testicular sac, we bred with deerhead chi. Is male able to impregnate female . Just want to know why has he not dropped yet. He is 1yr and half years old
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Given that retained testicles have a hereditary component, I wouldn't breed this dog. If that's the case and  because retained testicles have a higher incidence of cancer, castration rather than breeding should be considered. However, in a dog of this size and breeding, looking for under-developed retained testicles may be difficult. Also, in highly bred dogs, and especially ones with strongly infantile features (domed head, big eyes), there's also a slight possibility that the dog may not have testicles or that he may have both female and male reproductive parts.

Consequently, step one would be to have this dog thoroughly examined, preferbly by a veterinarian who specializes in reproductive problems, and tests run to determine his testosterone levels.

Thank you, sorry for posting twice.  Still new at this. sw
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