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Broken tail ( cat )

Posted Oct 02 2008 12:24pm

question :

My Cat had his tail broken 2 months ago and now he is unable to use the restroom properly. His butt is swollen. I wondered that it might hurt him to poop, and that’s why he can’t use it correctly. His tail is paralized and a bone, where the tail and the back connect, is sticking up. Can u please help me?

answer :

A broken tail is painful and may certainly interact with normal urination/defecation. However, following amputation and allowing reasonable time to fully recover, the problem should be sorted. I suspect that your cat may have contracted a pelvis injury at the same time as the tail incident. This would be very common especially if the patient suffered a road traffic accident.

I recommend that you ask your veterinarian to review the x-rays (he most probably x-rayed your cat prior to the tail amputation) and re-check for a small pelvic fracture. I would like to note that it is very possible to miss a small, non-displaced fracture without being incompetent.

Should there be a fracture, be re-assured that it usually heals nicely following simple cage rest of about 6 weeks duration.

However, if the hypothetic pelvic fracture did not heal properly and triggers a narrowing of the pelvic opening, then ongoing constipation is possible. The use of liquid paraffin to help fecal passage may help.

Best wishes, Julien


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