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Boston has red eye. Could it be eye infection

Posted by littlewitch

 He has had a red eye for 3-4 days.  ( green discharge from it after a bit)It went away for 1 day now is back again. If infection is there any home remedy for it?
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Since you have indicated that this only involves just one of his eyes, this irritation has most likely arisen from something that has gotten under the eyelids, blown into the area around the eyeball, or his eye has been bumped or abraided by something.  Any of those can cause a reddening of the white part of the eyball.  As long as he is not squinting with that eye, he probably doesn't have a foreign body lodged anywhere under a lid.  If you can do it, a gentle flushing of the eye with some over-the-counter eyewash several times a day should ease the irritation.  However, if it doesn't improve within another day or two OR if he starts to squint with that eye, he needs to be examined by your veterinarian right away.

Helpful Buckeye

is the white of his eye. Is pink. He does get that way when he is tired or has been playing too hard. After he gets his nap it clears but this has not.How ever not as red as was

When you say, "red eye", do you mean that the white part of the eyeball is red?  If so, does it look like a bunch of red blood vessels or is it solid red?

If you DON'T mean the white of the eyeball is red, are you describing a small reddish swollen piece of tissue toward the nose side of the eye?

Any advice or suggestions will depend on your answers.

Helpful Buckeye


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