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Bleeding from vaginal area(Maltese)

Posted Jul 14 2009 10:14pm

pet’s breed: Maltese
pet’s age: 7YEARS 9 MONTHS
pet’s sex: FEMALE
previous treatment:

Antibiotics, Ultra sound, xrays, labs.


My female maltese is bleeding from her vaginal area. She was found to have no infection and her ultrasound on her bladder, kidneys, and abdominal xrays show nothing remarkable. I was told to give her antibiotics to treat a possible infection not showing up in the tests but she has been on them for 6 days and still bleeds. She is not showing ant discomfort and is playing, eating and acting just fine. She has no pain upon urination or when she moves her bowels. She also has no other area of bleeding. I am quite concerned. What suggestions might you have? She is not licking that area and the outside of the area is not swollen or irritated.


Hello Joni,

If the bleeding occurs at the time of urination, one would suspect
that it comes from the kidneys or the bladder.

If the bleeding occurs independantly from the urination, then it may
come from the vagina or uterus (if she hasn’t been spayed).

Vaginal tumours are not uncommon. In view of the absence of apparent
disease affecting the kidneys/bladder, this would be high on my list
of differentials. They can be quite aggressive (leiomyosarcomas) and
would better be treated early. Endoscopic exam of the vagina would be

If your dog hasn’t been neutered, then it is probably time to do so
and take this opportunity to explore the abdominal cavity carefully.

Best regards,



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