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blackened toes on dog paws?

Posted by mommaonthemountain

Our Great dane has a two toes on one of his front paws were the nails have black areas and the toes do as well.  He is constantly licking at them and worrying them.  They don't seem to pain him, he just fusses over them.
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A lot of dogs will acquire a "blackened" appearance to some of their toes and claws simply as a result of them chewing or licking at those areas.  The combination of their saliva and the dirt around their toes seems to provide this appearance. 

You can wash the area and get rid of the coloration, but then it will reappear in a few days.  You should look closely at the toes and claws to assure yourself that there isn't something there that is aggravating your dog.  If it all looks normal, just try to keep the toes clean and dry.

Helpful Buckeye

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