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Bennie the Boston Terrier/Chihuahua Mix!

Posted Aug 26 2011 3:42pm

This is my very FIRST featured friend of the week (picking up where Shadrach left off), woof! Meet my new little pal Bennie. He’s a Boston Terrier/Chih Mix and I’m soooo glad his Mom contacted us so we could share his story. You see Bennie wasn’t always naturally reared like me BUT his new Mom has got him off on the right paw with her seeking the natural rearing approach to dog care, yippee!

She contacted Mom bepaws Bennie has been having a bit of flea challenges but with a few suggestions from Mom on natural flea control such as food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE for short – easier for a puppy to bark too!), Bennie should be on the path to wellness in no time! He is being raw fed now too! Here is their story:

I live in San Francisco and Ben was born here in SF along with 3 other brother and sisters. His dad is a brown brindle Boston Terrier and his mum is a fawn Chihuahua mix and a very tall one at that (maybe part giraffe!). My boyfriend and I adopted him from a family that lives in the Mission on Cesar Chavez Street.

He is such a sweet guy! Super playful at home and so far super shy at the park, though I’m sure he’s going to go wild there and dog party down any day now!

I am vegan but he eats raw meat. I have a good friend named Sarah Kramer who is pretty big in the vegan world and I asked her what she did as far a meals for her dog Fergus and raw was her word. I get meat for him from Prather Ranch which is a great ranch that raises humanely treated grass fed cattle.

Right now my boyfriend and I have spotted a few fleas on Ben and we are trying to figure out how to solve this dilemma. So far we have been bathing Ben in Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Shampoo and spraying him with the same company’s Spray – it consists of cinnamon, cedar and clove oils – so far we still see a few fleas. I wrote in to Kim at Bark N Blog hoping for some hot tips and she definitely has some! Kim first off recommended me to feed Ben a raw diet – and happily that is happening now as he was not on a raw diet previously. Kim also connected me with some information about essential oils for flea combat use on the blog. I will be checking it out. And also her recommendations on sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth around the garden is interesting though I will have to really consider this idea as I am a Master Gardener and I want to think it through.

Lately Ben has been my best buddy as I just had a bike accident in Colorado and I am homebound with injuries – I’m not awesome right now but he is awesome without a doubt!

My friend Michael Short took the photo of Ben at his daughter’s 2nd birthday party which my boyfriend and I hosted just over a month ago.

That’s all for now – hopefully fleas will be evicted soon! ~Carolyn Chamberlayne

Well Carolyn and Bennie, we wish you two a healthy, LONG companionship together! What I love about what Carolyn shared is that even though she is a vegan she doesn’t expect Bennie to be one since he is a carnivore, woof!

Next week I’ll be sharing my brother Woodstock!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, woof!

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