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Arrrooo fellow pets and humans! ...

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:36pm

Shadrach the Neo Mastiff at alert

Arrrooo fellow pets and humans! This is a VERY important study for us dogs! We hope you’ll join all of us and Dr. Aronson for this upcoming discussion online. Here is the news, WOOF!

I am very pleased to announce that on February 14, 15, & 16, Dr. Linda Aronson will be the Special Guest, participating in the CAC-N Group Discussions on Companion Animal Care - Naturally:

Companion Animal Care -Naturally

As you may already know, Dr. Aronson is to about to be conducting a STUDY regarding aggression / thyroid in dogs — and needs to have more people with aggressive dogs participate, as mentioned in my recent post:

“…From Linda Aronson, DVM, Behaviour Department, Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine: … need dogs for our double blind study looking at the effect of thyroid
on owner directed aggression….”

For more information, see: Canine Hypothyroidism and Aggression Study Form

To give you some biographical information about Dr. Aronson, from her Website: Pet Shrink
Linda Aronson DVM, MA

“Dr. Linda Aronson is originally from England, and received her bachelors and masters degrees in physiological sciences from Oxford University. She received her DVM from Tufts University in 1995 and spent two years consulting with clients and conducting research in what was then the Behavioral Section of the Surgery Department of Tufts Veterinary School.
Since leaving Tufts she has been consulting privately with clients on behavioral problems as well as working with veterinarians both in the United States and around the world. At this point, opening an office in which to see patients at a central location seemed the logical next step. ”

“Dr. Aronson has made a life-long study of animal behavior, both in domestic and wild animals. While she is available to work with captive wild species, the primary work at PetShrink will be with privately owned dogs, cats and horses. Dr. Aronson breeds and exhibits champion bearded collies and is a lifelong rider. She writes a monthly column on horse behavior for the magazine Practical Horseman, and has contributed many articles on behavioral topics to both lay and professional journals, as well as a chapter to the textbook Psychopharmacology of Animal Behavior Disorders (ed Dodman and Shuster). ”

“Dr. Aronson is strongly committed to consulting and communicating with primary care veterinarians and animal trainers involved in patients’ care and well-being. She welcomes the opportunity to discuss unusual or difficult cases.”

To read Dr. Aronson’s articles on Cats & Horses, please see: Pet Shrink Articles

Also, Dr. Aronson has been collecting case studies on using melatonin (supplement) for dogs who have a phobia to loud noises, such as thunder — with very good results:
Canine Epilepsy Guardian Angels - melatonin

“… More and more owners and vets are using melatonin and it is gratifying to know that so many dogs have been helped … I have had search and rescue dogs successfully given melatonin to combat their fears of flying in turbo prop planes. It was the only treatment that allowed most of them to relax and yet let them perform their duties at the end of the flight.”

“Success is still running about 80%. Most useful for noise phobias, including thunderstorms, fireworks, gun shot, planes, helicopters, hot air balloons, show site noises, bird song, truck and other road noises. It also seems to help some cases of lick granuloma and separation anxiety.”

“Please feel free to cross post this information. It seems that melatonin is one of the safest products. Some of the failures I believe result from phobia induced seizure behavior. Others I’m not sure of the reason. Some dogs need to be dosed before the fear is established, others respond even if they are already reacting fearfully to the noise.” — Linda Aronson, DVM

All the Best,

Helen McKinnon
It’s For the Animals
Administrator: Companion Animal Care -Naturally
Editor: Companion Animal Care Newsletter
Member: NAIA Online
Member: NCRAOA

We hope you’ll all join us for VERY information session. Have a pawsitively tail waggin’ mellow and healthy day, WOOF!

Bark ‘N’ Blog is brought to you by Aspenbloom Natural Pet Care

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