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Arrrooo fellow pets and humans! ...

Posted Sep 13 2008 7:52pm

Shadrach sleeping

Arrrooo fellow pets and humans! I had to take this one lying down bepaws it knocked me clean out. All this BIG POOP about all the harm drugs are doing and STILL the stinkin’ government letters have us use disclaimers on natural stuff that rrreally works! They also don’t need all the side effect warnings and POOP that these LEGAL drugs need. Like take this for diarrhea but side effects may include: diarrhea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, coughing, gasping for air, and death. Rrrrrrufff! Doesn’t make one hill of beans worth of sense to me and I’m a dog, WOOF! So I thought I’d share with you some news items and some commentary. After all the poop I put here on Bark ‘N’ Blog, I hope you’re starting to see the real big picture and it’s gettin’ doggone stinky too bepaws the pile is gettin’ bigger ‘n’ bigger. It’s not about health humans, not one tiny bit. Serve money or serve God, it’s a choice…

Let’s start with some stuff from Dr. Mercola’s site and move right into breaking news items:

“Ulcer Drugs Found to Cause Diarrhea and Colitis” (hehe pretty goofy huh?)

People who take widely used heartburn drugs like Prilosec, Prevacid and Nexium may be trading heartburn for another problem: a potentially dangerous diarrhea caused by Clostridium difficile bacteria.

C-diff, as it’s known, causes severe diarrhea and the intestinal inflammation, colitis.

Antibiotics and Hospitalization Also Risks

People who are hospitalized, and those on antibiotics, also have a higher risk of C-diff infection…..

Dr. Mercola’s commentary:

Once you understand natural medical principles you will realize that the likelihood of any synthetic drug or chemical to be an authentic solution for any chronic health problem is about as likely as the Chicago Cubs ever winning a World Series (Cubs last won in 1908).

Relying on a drug to relieve your chronic health problem is a prescription for disaster, somewhat like trying to close a stuffed suitcase. You tuck it in on one side and now can close that side but by so doing so the other side pops up and now cannot be closed.

just go here to read this news in its entirety and Dr. Mercola’s full commentary

“Eli Lilly Slapped for Off-Label Drug Use”

Drug maker Eli Lilly and Co. has agreed to pay a $36-million settlement after pleading guilty to a federal misdemeanor charge that it promoted off-label use of its osteoporosis drug Evista….

Dr. Mercola’s lead-in commentary:

Another shining example of the amazing corruption that exists in the corporate drug world. You need to understand that any corporation’s primary and essential responsibility is to their shareholders — NOT to you.

Unfortunately, most don’t realize that it is VERY short sighted to kill and permanently disable and cripple consumers for profits. Drug companies have accumulated so much wealth, power and government influence that they have been able to largely escape the consequences.

go here to read the news story and commentary in their entirety

Bugs Behaving Badly
Antibiotics are aging, and bacteria are learning to fight them off
By Avery Comarow
Last month brought fresh evidence that while small, bacteria can certainly look out for themselves.Clostridium difficile, a microbe that can cause serious digestive illness and death in vulnerable patients in hospitals and nursing homes but rarely bothers healthy adults outside healthcare settings, was blamed by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for doing just that in four states. Like many other germs, it apparently had mutated, under pressure from antibiotics, into a toxic new strain. continue reading about the emerging superbugs thanks to the overuse of antibiotics
I sure hope you are all convinced now but it you’re not, I’d suggest you read ALL the info we have on this subject here on Bark ‘N’ Blog, and also read up on all the vaccination poop while you’re at it. It pays to be informed so you can rrreally be well and that is by caring for the entire person or animal or plant. NOT treating symptoms.
Mom was asked recently on a pet group “Well Kim, how do you address a fungus or bacterial ear infection in your dog then if not with antibiotics?” Hehe, Mom said, “I don’t. I care for the whole dog not the symptom which is the ear infection. I care for my dog by supporting his immune system through proper species specific feeding, supplementation, and using prevention with what God provides in nature such as the Young Living essential oils. Then I keep the ear clean using a natural blend I make myself. A supported and healthy immune system will help my entire dog get and be well, not just mask his symptoms.”

That was the end of that discussion, woof! All this talk of drugs just makes me tired and angry so I’m gonna go get some shut-eye now and I’ll be barkin’ with you all again soon.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, pharm-free, REAL healthy day, WOOF!

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