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Arrrooo fellow pets and humans! ...

Posted Sep 13 2008 4:57pm

Shadrach the shocked Neo Mastiff

Arrrooo fellow pets and humans! Oh no, not the talk about fleas, ticks, and mosquitos again, rrrruufff! Scaries me! Mom says I don’t have to be scaried bepaws she uses the BEST nutritionals, essential oils, AND feeds me a raw meat and bone diet. You might wonder what that has to do with controlling these pesky pests, well Dr. Blake is about to break it down for you. And guess what? He also recommends using essential oils and other natural modalities, heh!

itchy dog
Dr. Stephen Blake

This message comes from the flea capital of the United States, San Diego. I have been here for 31 years and have had to become a flea expert to avoid the uses of chemicals which nearly killed me over 25 years ago ;( First of all when you are having a flea problem, there are two factors that are most responsible for them getting a foot hold in your homes.

The first of these is the immune factor. An animal that is healthy will naturally repel parasites and they will seek greener pastures. Sharon’s family is doing the right things by feeding a natural diet and no vaccines but there are other considerations. Hereditary or miasmatic conditions are common in 90%+ of all domestic animals. I would first look at them from a homeopathic evaluation and try to determine if there is any sign of chronic disease. If there were symptoms I would prescribe accordingly. A simple nutritional supplement which will help to maximize their immune systems would be Bovine Colostrum. This may also help with the tapeworms but to be honest with you all these little guys can be difficult to get rid of. One product that I have heard has cleared many of my patients are (Parastat : 1-800-370-3447) herbal wormer for all internal parasites.

The second part of the puzzle is the environment. If the energy of the home has any disharmony in it, (nothing personal) but this can weaken the immune system also. Make sure everyone is as content as they can be and open with each other so the animals do not stress over their over concern for you.

I often have my clients make a mixture of the following Bach flowers and spray it around the house to help detoxify negative energy from the environment. Walnut, Crabapple, Holly, Wild rose and Wild oat. Bathing with any natural shampoo that kills them on contact due to its saponification properties should work. I have used natural dish soap and found it to kill them as well as anything.

For fleas and mosquitoes I have the owner’s follow up with a Essential Blend of oils consisting of one drop Lemon, Lemongrass and one drop of R. C. (blend of essential oils containing 4 blends of Eucalyptus species , Pine, Lavender, Cypress, Spruce, Myrtle, Marjoram and Peppermint.) per ounce of water and spraying this on the dogs after they are dried off. You can also spray them with this any time they are going into an area that are flea/tick or mosquito infested to help repel them. For Ticks I use one drop of each of the following oils in water and spray it on them each day they go out in tick infested areas; Lavender, Lemongrass, Sage and Thyme. I have also had good luck with ultrasound devices you can get at Cosco that give off a frequency that repels the mosquitoes. Make sure they do not bother the pets and that where you buy them they give money back guarantee.

I have found that many of my clients who live in tick infested areas of the country have had great luck with natural flea collars from Holistic Family and Pets. Within three days the tick population was reduced by 90% with no toxins. It is also very effective against fleas as well. The company has devised a holistic approach which combines a natural blend: Calendula, Silica, Cayenne, Calcarea Fluorica, Echinacea, Flea Bane, Odorless Garlic, Cinnamon, Red Cedar, Asian Mint, Rhus Tox, Tiger Lily, Aconitum Napellus, Aloe, Anacardium, Aloe, Vitamin E, Graphites, Berberis, Echinacca, Sulfur, Placenta, Milk Thistle, Chamomilla, Daffodil.

For carpets and furniture, place one teaspoon of wintergreen essential oil - the same kind that you use in vaporizers for colds - and to a quart of hot water in a mist sprayer. Then mist carpets, upholstered furniture, pillows and anything where flea eggs can hatch. The mist will not kill fleas but it will the eggs. Spray about 3 times a year. The odor goes away in a few days and you are safe for months without danger of pesticides. Since oil of wintergreen is used on babies, I do not believe it can hurt cats or dogs. You don’t spray the animal, just their environment.

I have found that if you steam clean or rent a rug doctor and clean with Simple Green (You may want to try this on carpet out of sight so that just in case it discolors your carpet you will not be mad at me;) you will kill all of the adult fleas immediately. When the carpets are completely dry, put a mixture of 1 part Borax salts to 3 parts Salt and rake it into all carpeted areas of the house. Leave for a week and then vacuum as you would do normally. This treatment will last years from my experience.
Good luck and remember “No wolf ever went to the a chemical plant for a flea/tick or mosquito repellent!”

Dr Stephen Blake, aka The Pet Whisperer

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, pest-free day, WOOF!

Bark ‘N’ Blog is brought to you by Aspenbloom Natural Pet Care

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