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Around my dog's eye is swollen and red what should I do?

Posted by Coco

I just got home from work and the area around my dog's right eye is swollen and red. It looks like half a ping pong ball is sticking out of her face under her eye. Its so swollen she is squinting out of her right eye. Right at the lower corner of her eye its all red, shes a black dog and I can see it through her fur! I made an appointment with her vet for first thing in the morning but what can I do to help her now? Thanks for any help.
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Your dog has most likely experienced some kind of trauma to that side of her face or this is the result of some type of infection/abscess.  Try to apply some cold compresses if she'll let you...that might get some of the swelling down.  Also, you might try to clean up the area if it looks like there has been any drainage, either watery or involving pus.  

Hope it turns out to not involve the eye itself!

Helpful Buckeye

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