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Argyle’s Fat Cat Blue Crackle Birdie

Posted Nov 10 2011 5:39pm

Fat Cat Toys That sounds like a scary title huh? But it’s all about my Scottish Terrier pal, Argyle’s Fat Cat toy! His Mom, Tunia, sent me TWO Fat Cat toys that I LOVE to torment. They are tough and even my puppy teeth couldn’t do more than make small puncture holes in this tough toy.

Right now as I dictate this to Mom, I’m running around with my Fat Cat Awful Mean Kitty toy in my mouth, squeaking and squeaking it.

We think these are awesome toys bepaws they are really tough for us tough dogs, woof!

Tunia and Argyle have a game they play – and you know we dogs never play fair when it comes to games hehe! Here is Tunia sharing the game:

I throw the birdie and Argyle retrieves it and drops it in front of me where I am sitting Argyle's Fat Cat Blue Crackle Birdie on the ground. BUT he keeps his nose about an inch from the birdie although sometimes his nose touches the birdie.He has one eye on my ‘swipe’ hand and the other is on the birdie.”That’s cheating” I say! He dares me to swipe the birdie from underneath his nose. Sometimes I’m successful but mostly I’m not because he grabs it first. It’s the most fun I have ever had playing with a dog. Cheater,cheater! Argyle has been playing with this birdie for at least 6 months. It may be faded but it’s still in one piece. It just keep on ticking like the energizer bunny!

Thanks for sharing your game with us Argyle and Tunia! It’s so important for humans to play and interact with us and it also gives our minds a challenge. Thank you Aunt Tunia for sending me Fat Cat Toys to enjoy too, woof! Hey Argyle, don’t worry about the cheating, Mom says I do it all the time too. What humans fail to realize is, we’re in it to WIN, woof!

Just so you know humans, Argyle is wholly naturally reared just like ME! We are so glad our humans “get it“, woof!

Argyle's Fat Cat Blue Crackle Birdie My humans play tuggie with me all the time. My Mom also plays “Hide and Seek” with me, except SHE is the one who does ALL the hiding and I have to seek her, woof! I always eventually find her though.

My Dad and I play ball all the time which is my favorite game of all! I LOVE to run after the ball in MY part of our yard.

Not only is this great FUN for us dogs, but it helps keep us fit and out in the fresh air and sunshine. So we cover several laws of health: exercise, fresh air, sunshine AND trust!

I’ll be back soon with more adventures, AND sharing more of my naturally reared friends and family!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, woof!

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