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Are blood blisters on the chin of Bulldogs normal?

Posted by Bella

My pure bread Olde English / American Bulldog has, what looks like, little blood blisters on her chin. Are these blood blisters normal? What can I do, if anything, to help prevent them or to make them go away?! I've tried "Tea Tree Oli" but so far it has only clearned up the blisters some but not completely.
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If they are blood blisters, they're not normal. On the other hand, it's not uncommon for younger dogs to get acne and if they rub at this and break any pustules, that might be what you're seeing. Sometimes an allergy to something the dog lies on, or chemicals in plastic food or water dishes can cause itching. When the dog rubs his/her fact to relieave the itch, the skin can become irritated. Try using a white all cotton sheet--your local thrift shop might have some--as bedding and don't use any detergent or fabric softener (both of these may also contain irritating dyes and perfumes) to wash it. Also, if you're not already using stainless food and water bowls, switch to them. Acne can benefit from regular anti-bacterial washings, but it's crucial to thoroughly rinse and dry the area after doing this. That will rule out the simple problems If you don't see improvement within a week or if the problem returns when you stop treatment, have your dog seen by your veterinarian to rule out more serious possibilities.
Thank you for responding. If they are blood blisters, that are on her chin, what could it mean? I'm thinking now that they are not blood "blisters", once I looked up what one looked like exactly, but they are, for example, pimples, yet when popped, blood is released. I will try changing her bedding since I was un- aware that detergent could cause breakouts or allergies and I regularly wash and change her bedding! Thanks again!! =]  
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