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Appers to have Seizures/Spazms

Posted by Timmy P

My 2yo Pit has muscle spazms while she lays down, all of her legs seem to contract and release almost like she is flexing them. What can cause this?, it doesnt happen all the time. Ive been giving her Gloscos. Chond. for her joints as she injured her knees and caninne asprin. I asked the vet and they said to get it on video so they could see it is that necessary?  Thank You Tim
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Are these spells happening every time your dog lies down?  Does she lose consciousness when this happens? 

Your veterinarian must be having difficulty understanding what you are describing and that's why they asked if you could get the activity on video.  With today's available technology, it is fairly easy to document something like this with either a video camera or even your cell phone if it's so equipped.  If you don't have those available, try to give a very accurate description of her long they last, how often they occur, does she lose consciousness, does she lose control of her bowel and/or bladder, and what exactly she does during the spells.

A complete physical exam would also be a way of obtaining more information.


Helpful Buckeye


In addition to the above, is your dog awake or asleep when these happen? There are sleep patterns that can produce behaviors that look a lot like seizures and some of these are stress-related.  In addition to getting a video, keep notes regarding when these episodes occur andwhat the dog and others were doing before and after.  This will also help pin down the cause.
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