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Anal sacs Problem

Posted Feb 10 2009 10:17am

Question :

pet’s breed: dalmation
pet’s age: 5-6
pet’s sex: female
previous treatment:

my dog eats herself all day around her tail, her back now and is starting to
eat her legs has a awful smell to her.she has chewed what little hair she had is
gone she has big bald spots.



Your dog has problems with the anal sacs. Two glands that are found in the anal sphincter of both sides. in some occasiones such: diarrhoea or soft stool that lasts long time, inadequate ground food, pork meat and products…
First anal sacs must be commpresed and the contain should drain out.
Second step is to treat the skin of lessions. Dexametasone is the first medicament if the lessions are severe. In some cases antibiotics can be administered. If the lessions are severe it will pass severall weeks until skin get back to normal.
Last step-correct the food. use more quality ground komertial food. I think that Royal canine has line for Dalmations. But you can use any commertial food that is hypoalergenic for at leas one month.

Empty sacs contain every 3 days untill stop filling.

Best wishes



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