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Alopecia X in Pomeranian

Posted by clepore

My pom has had Alopecia X for a number of years.  She has significant hair loss.  I've tried melotonin but had no results.  A neighbor suggested a product called 101D Fabao and said it worked on her dog who also had Alopecia X.  Is this product safe for dogs?
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Okay, for some reason my reply did not get saved/sent.   

This would be a question for the drug's manufacter and possibly your veterinarian. 

Would you be interested in treating your Pom naturally/holisticlly???

Oh absolutely - I've already taken her to two vets and neither had any solutions.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!  Thank you.

I would definitely be interested in natural/holistic treatments.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!  Thanks.

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