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allergy or athopy

Posted Jan 05 2010 4:42am
By pet-admin, January 5, 2010 7:42 pm

pet’s breed: American Cocker
pet’s age: seven
pet’s sex: female
previous treatment:

Antibiotics ad steroid tablets and cream, and shapoo.


Last year my dog started scratching and we noticed patchy sores,smelley,with black crusty scabs.When we treated her with the above medicine she seemed better espescialy with the cortizone cream, but as soon as we stopped after a few weeks it came back. We had her clipped and noticed all her back and chest is like dandruff, with a couple of sore patches on her chest. My vet took scrapes and hair samples on two occascions but both times they came back negative. We are worried it is Mange and our little boy could catch scabbies. Please can you help.Regards Mrs Eames.



If your vet took scrapings, than it shouldn’t be mange. As you describe, your dog seems to have problems with allergy or athopy, so it should take some kind of prescribed veterinary diet. Contact your vet for diet food and prescription of the diet.



Damjan Pavlovski DVM

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