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Allergic Reaction vs Poison Ivy?

Posted by kandimc

I have a 10 y/o daschund.  We went camping and came home when I noticed her lips looked swollen, around the corners of her mouth.  She was rubbing on the carpet and scratching.  I gave her some benadryl and this seemed to help.  This was on Sunday.  Last night it seemed they were not as swollen or as irritated.  This morning, however, she began scratching and made them bleed.  Could this be allergic reaction or possibly she got into poison ivy?  What can I give her or put on it?  Any ideas?  Please help.

In addition, I have a 6 month old, ShihTzu.  I took her to have her spayed Tuesday.  When I picked her up at the vet yesterday, they said she had a staph infection in her groin area and started her on antibiotics.  Could this be related?  I am trying to keep them away from each other. 


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Acne and vaginitis aren't uncommon in puppies and particularly those who don't keep themselves that clean, so the two problems probably aren't connected. As far as your older dog goes, it does sound like she got into something that she was allergic to, but it could be anything from one of more insect bites to a plant. If that's the case and assuming you've already thoroughly washed and rinsed the area to remove any possible surface irritants, either an antihistamine or steriod should help. However, I'd strongly recommend getting these from your veterinarian rather than using over-the-counter human allergy products because many of these are combination products, plus dosage can be an issue.
Thank you SO much, Myrna, for your help!  I really appreciate it!
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